Is it time to finally see if you have ADHD?

We'll help you through getting an Adult ADHD Assessment

Having an ADHD assessment can be a helpful tool to discover your strengths and find effective strategies for your challenges. But getting an adult ADHD assessment may feel intimidating or overwhelming.

We can help you:

  • Decide if getting an adult ADHD assessment is a good choice for you.
  • Walk you through the process and address any concerns. 
  • Connect you with our assessment partner, the ADHD Matters Program through Psychotherapy Matters.
  • Continue psychotherapy with you and navigate your next steps after you receive the results of your assessment.
  • Be referred to a psychiatrist, including attending any meetings to be your advocate and provide moral support, if you are considering medications to manage your symptoms.

You might think you’ve made it into adulthood, what’s the value in getting an ADHD assessment now? 

The choice is entirely yours. However, many people share the following benefits of receiving a diagnosis later in life:

  • Understanding Yourself Better: Getting diagnosed can help you make sense of your struggles and behaviors, providing clarity on why certain things have been challenging for you.

  • Validation of Experiences: It can be validating to have a professional acknowledge your experiences and struggles, helping you feel understood and less alone in your journey.

  • Access to Support and Resources: A diagnosis opens doors to support groups, therapy tailored to ADHD, and resources like books, podcasts, and online communities where you can connect with others who share similar experiences.

  • Exploring Treatment Options: With a diagnosis, you and your therapist can explore various treatment options, including medication, therapy techniques, and lifestyle adjustments, to help manage symptoms and improve your quality of life.

  • Improved Relationships: Understanding ADHD can lead to better communication with loved ones, as they gain insight into how your brain works and how they can support you more effectively.

  • Increased Self-Compassion: Knowing that ADHD is a real condition can foster self-compassion, helping you be kinder to yourself and recognize that challenges are not due to personal shortcomings.

  • Empowerment: Having a diagnosis empowers you to advocate for yourself in various areas of your life, whether it’s at work, places of learning, healthcare, or within your family and social circles.

  • Potential for Growth: Armed with knowledge about your strengths and weaknesses, you can develop strategies to build on your strengths and navigate challenges more effectively, fostering personal growth and resilience.

We provide free consultations for people interested in Adult ADHD Assessments.

Our partner, Psychotherapy Matters, provides the full assessment for $350+HST. They offer a sliding scale for people who are not able to pay the full amount.

If you want to continue as a client or work with us to receive support from psychiatrists, we offer hourly fees. 

If you have an insurance plan, the assessment fees and/or therapists fees may be fully or partially covered.

ADHD can show up in various ways. If you’re starting to wonder if you may have ADHD, you can explore some of these resources as a starting point:

Healthline’s Adult ADHD Overview

ADHD Quiz from Psych Central

Adult ADHD Self Report Scale

Another key factor for adult diagnosis of ADHD is some symptoms before the age of 12. Consider spending time reflecting on your childhood. You may find documents such as report cards from school have information that might be valuable. 

If ADHD wasn’t present as child but you experience symptoms today, there are other mental health supports and possible diagnoses which can be explored and diagnosed in a psychiatric assessment.

We can discuss further in our free consultation call to see if it might be ADHD that’s causing challenges in your life.

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