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Rebecca Dupont

Therapist In Training

As a psychotherapy intern with Hope for Families, I bring my experience as a career educator to help inform my practice. With over 25 years experience in Student Success, Special Education & Employment Support, I understand how important it is to deeply understand each client’s unique needs. I have worked extensively with youth, adults, and families to bring awareness and develop solutions together.

As I emerge in my role as a therapist, I will continue to support your growth and personal discovery as we make meaning and find purposeful direction. In doing so, we will create a compassionate space to nurture self compassion and acceptance. As a therapist, I take an integrative approach. I understand that we are all unique individuals with differing needs so I will draw on Mindfulness and Contemplation, CBT/DBT, Narrative Approaches, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), psychoeducation for neurodiversity, and Motivational Interviewing as needed throughout the therapeutic process.

When bringing together education and psychotherapy I have extensive experience working with individuals with AD(H)D and also have lived experience as someone who has been diagnosed with ADD. This personal insight has driven me to develop a deeper understanding of the gifts & challenges neurodiversity presents. I know what it feels like to live in a world that has not been constructed with neurodiversity in mind. I can partner with you as you gain awareness and acceptance of your experience and build on your innate strengths.

I am passionate about working with you to find meaning & connection in your daily life. I look forward to our journey together!