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Looking for a Psychiatrist in Ontario?

See a psychiatrist in Ontario in weeks instead of years
with the support of our friendly psychotherapists

A psychiatrist can make a big improvement in peoples’ lives

Explore mental health challenges and symptoms,
receive assessments and diagnoses, and
learn about treatment options from psychotherapy to medications. 

Our partnership with the Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic improves the experience for our patients:  

  • See a psychiatrist in Ontario a few weeks instead of months or years.
  • Meet with our partner psychiatrists are as long as you need to explore your concerns and be truly heard, even if that’s more than two hours. You won’t be rushed in and out the door in half an hour.
  • Option for a follow-up session within a week or two if you want to adjust your medications or have additional concerns. 
  • Your psychotherapist from our team will be present for the entire session, offering moral support and advocating for your needs. 
  • Psychiatrists are fully paid through OHIP. Our psychotherapists can often be paid with insurance, and we don’t charge for more than 1.5 hours, even if your session is longer. 

Let’s explore if meeting with a psychotherapist is a good step for you.

We offer free discovery calls to discuss your options. 

Contact us to find the right psychiatrist in Ontario for you